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What could possibly be more fun than preschool? Pre-K! We watched our son and his classmates become a little township of citizens full of curiosity, growing independence, motivation, compassion, leadership, and paint buckets full of laughter. We cherish all that he learned through exploration, imagination, reading, and music. He was inspired to learn and we're so happy that we saved homework and worksheets for Kindergarten. Thanks Caryn - you know how much we loved Cooper being in your class!!


Bonnie T.

I love most of all the creative learning experiences my child gets at POP. My child is very excited to explore our new homework reading and writing journal assignments. The group activities teach her to create friendships that matter and her individual work she does during her day provides her the confidence she needs to prepare her for kindergarten. Thank you for all that you do for us POP! ❤


Quin W.

One of the best decisions I have made so far in my kids' life was picking Pacific Oaks Preschool. Both of my kids thrived in their play-based, hands-on learning environment. But what I am most appreciative of as my last one "graduates' from there in a week is the LOVE they surround the children with every single day. It has been an amazing four years at POP! And I cannot recommend them enough to anyone!


Laura E.

Pacific Oaks Preschool is amazing! My daughter's experience there has improved all of our lives. When I watch the staff there with children, it seems like Magic to me. Whatever they are doing really works. The consistency and approach that they use has helped us through many toddler "situations." If you are looking for the best place for your child to begin a school experience, Pacific Oaks should be first on your list. Just make sure your child is equipped with play clothes!


Julia A.

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